Welcome to Memories2keep.co.uk.

Memories2keep are a home video editing service. We specialise in VHS to DVD conversion and taking your unedited video footage and turning it into something special – an edited DVD which can then be watched and enjoyed time and time again.

We all enjoy filming different family occasions but the problem comes when we want to watch the footage again – hours of footage is not easy or enjoyable to watch, so it gets put away and forgotten about.

Do you have hours of unedited home video footage that has never been watched? If so, then we can help you!

It doesn’t matter if it is an old VHS cassette or a modern memory card from your camera, memories2keep can take whatever footage you give us and turn it into a beautiful memory to keep forever. It can also make a great gift.

We offer the following services:

Raw footage* to DVD with no editing

Raw footage* to DVD with full edit

DVD Duplication

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*Your raw footage can be sent to us in the following formats:

Digital 8, Video 8, Hi 8, Mini DV tape, VHS-C, VHS, USB memory sticks & memory cards.

Why choose us?

We are a family based business and offer a personal touch, and as such, will aim to incorporate any individual requirements that you may have

We know how important home videos are and want to ensure that you end up with something you will always treasure

We will always keep you up to date during the process and respond to any queries within 24 hours

We provide a professional and friendly customer service

We offer a competitive rate