We have the following video options to suit everyone’s needs and budget.

Your raw footage can be sent to us in the following formats: Digital 8, Video 8, Hi 8, HDV tape, Mini DV tape, VHS-C, VHS, USB memory sticks and memory cards

Option 1 Conversion of your unedited video footage to DVD with no edit

Choose this option If you just want your unedited video footage converted straight to a DVD with no editing.

Up to a 60 minute tape (raw footage) £20
Up to a 120 minute tape (raw footage) £22
Up to a 180 minute tape (raw footage) £24
Up to a 240 minute tape (raw footage) £40 (supplied on two DVD’s)
Up to a 300 minute tape (raw footage) £44 (supplied on two DVD’s) 

Option 2Conversion of your unedited video footage* to DVD  with full edit

For a full edit, we add title pages, text, soundtracks and up to 20 photographs to your final DVD. The final DVD will have a professional look with a personalised cover and menu, with your raw footage separated into different clips and titled to make it easy to view and find what you want to watch.

*60 minutes of raw footage generally cuts down to 30 minutes of film, 120 minutes to 60 minutes and 180 minutes to 90 minutes

* Any preparation prior to editing will incur additional cost. The price is dependent on the final number of edits required.

Up to 60 minutes raw footage £150
Up to 120 minutes raw footage £200
Up to 180 minutes raw footage £250
Up to 240 minutes raw footage £300

Option 3If your requirements are not covered by Option 1 or Option 2 above, please contact us and we will be able to give you a specific price.

We have the following extras:

Add extra photos to your DVD £0.35 per photo
Extra copies of the finalised DVD £10.00
Copy of final footage on USB Flash Drive £50.00
Convert your movie for playback on a iPad or other tablet £25.00
DVD Duplication £25.00 per DVD

If you have multiple VHS tapes that need conversion to DVD, please contact us as we may be able to offer a discount for larger orders.

If you have any other requirements that are not listed above, we would be happy to hear from you. Please contact us using the Contact Us form.

Please also see our FAQs section if you have any other specific questions.

Free shipping for orders of £50.00 and above.